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A few years ago, Jim designed a presidential website for goofy friend, Paul Chomicki (Pauly C). The site was a hit with all 50 people who visited it, as well as the Washington Times. Unlike other fake presidential campaign sites, this one was different. Jim treated it like a real campaign for a really bad candidate, and even sent out press releases to various major news sources.

It was fun and all, but after losing the election badly, it was time to move on. Childhood friend, Dave Campfield, came to Jim with the idea of creating a comedy site blasting their mutual friend, Paul. Being cold and heartless himself, Jim loved the idea. As Jim put it, "the presidential campaign was insulting to Paul... but not enough."

The site, dedicated to "the laziest man alive" was created. Paul is fictionally depicted as a fat, lazy, buffoon, who sleeps late and lives with his parents. The reality is far different: he doesn't live with his parents.

In a purely ironic turn, it's been revealed that Campfield also sleeps late and lives with his parents. Dave could not be reached for comment...

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